Head Boy & Head Girl’s Welcome

We welcome you to the CSI family!

It is indeed both an honour as well as a privilege to be a part of Cambridge School Indirapuram and even more as the Head Girl and Head Boy of the School for the session 2018-19.

Children form the main pivot of the Cambridge School Indirapuram and the school through its various programmes inculcates in students the ability to organize and manage. Such skills are most important for the future, which seems to be getting ever so uncertain. The school provides ample opportunities to students to embrace strengths and overcome weaknesses. It teaches children to accept appreciation with generosity and to accept criticism with optimism.

The right path is not the easiest one and the willingness to take up the challenge allows us to reach the finishing line with excellence and leave a trail on the unexplored path. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and serving the institution with pride and honour, is our mantra to scale to new heights.

The school has a vibrant curricular and co-curricular programme. Our achievements in various spheres, like board results and Inter School Competitions are commendable and make us proud. At the core of the school is our motto “We Learn to Serve.” Community Service is something which we really value. The School Council manages a large portion of the school, especially the co-curricular programme. Over the years the School Council has been very active and we are forever, indebted to the school for providing us with such a structure that hones in children the ability to manage and organize.  The children of the School Council often say, “Our days may be longer but for sure they are better.”