Counselor Message

Counselor's Message

School life is memorable and yet full of challenges. Acknowledging and accepting these challenges, the counseling department works with a vision to provide students with holistic knowledge on values, self-care and interpersonal skills. CSI firmly believes that the mental status and needs of every child is unique and each one has his own imagination which needs to be addressed and honed with special care and respect. Keeping this in consideration counselors strive to provide young learners with a comfortable safe space to rely on wherein they can be and express themselves without any inhibition.

This is achieved by providing individual sessions, group sessions as well as weekly value education classes. In addition to working directly with the students, counselors actively collaborate with teachers and parents regarding any concerns the child might be facing. Workshops are an integral part of the curriculum, to impart information on specific topics, imperative for our student’s holistic improvement.

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