The Cambridge School at Delhi was founded by Shri Alok Chandra Deb on the 7th of April 1931. This was the first institution in Delhi to prepare students for the Senior Cambridge Examination. Shri Deb was a believer in open air activities for children of all ages and one of the pioneers of the integrated curriculum in India.

Admissions Policy

Cambridge School Indirapuram is a private co-educational senior secondary school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school is administered by the Society for the Advancement of Education. Cambridge School Indirapuram has a progressive academic curriculum supported by a strong cocurricular programme.

Cambridge School is a school that breeds good citizenship: built and run by thinkers, and meant to nurture thinking students who reflect deeply on how they want to fashion a future world, and have the resolve to see their ideas through.

Cambridge School believes in character building and good citizenship. Our motto “We learn to serve” is essential to building the qualities of empathy and community consciousness.

At Cambridge School, we believe excellence in learning and hard work must go hand-inhand with integrity and the tenacity to defend it; and that knowledge acquired from education is not merely for the cultivation of our sensibilities or a first step towards elevated employment, but must be used in the service of humanity. Our motto We Learn to Serve continues to shine that torch on that unbending principle.

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