Campus & Facilities


The lush green school campus is situated on a 5.2 acre site which has 4 entry/exit gates. It has an attractive play ground for football, cricket and other outdoor sports. There is also a separate play garden for the young children equipped with a sand-pit, swings, a big trampoline and other such play equipment.

The school is also equipped with a large Multi Purpose Hall and a Resource Room.

Ecological & Nature Awareness Facilities

  • Medicinal Garden: A flourishing medicinal garden, which other than providing aesthetic appeal also guides the students about natural cures.
  • Compost Pit: Two pits have been developed in the school premises and the compost generated is used in the school garden.
  • Rain Water Harvesting Facilities: There are two Rain Water Harvesting tanks built in the school that help trap rain water and recycle it. This water is used in the gardens and lawns.
  • Ecological Garden: The Roof Top Ecological Paradise has been widely covered by the media. It has been developed and is being maintained by the students of classes VI to VIII. It consists of a large variety of xerophytic plants which require very little water.
  • Horticulture patches: Vegetable gardens are being maintained where seasonal vegetables are grown. This is rather popular with Geography teachers.

Aero Modelling

The school has a very active Aero Modelling Club for the students of classes V to X. This is a rather unique activity which gives students hands on experience about scientific concepts like aero dynamics, friction, vibrations etc.

Sport Facilities

  • Indoor games include Skating, Karate, Kho-kho, Table Tennis & Badminton.
  • Outdoor games include Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Hockey, Athletics & Hand Ball.
  • A Junior Play ground has been developed with special play facilities for the development of motor skills amongst junior children.


Well equipped laboratories with the latest and the most advanced apparatus supplement class room instructions in the following subjects is being provided: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Science, Geography, General Science, Mathematics and Psychology . Work in these labs promotes careful observation, inference and establishment of a logical conclusion.


The vibrant dramatics society of the school has English & Hindi drama productions. Our Nukkad Naatak group is extremely popular in the region and is very well known for its depiction and sensitization of people on various social issues.


Publications play an important role in honing the literary skills of children Special training is provided to the students of classes VI – VIII on collection of information and writing articles. The newsletter and many other such publication are taken care of by the children right from the conceptualization, designing , editing to final printing by the students of this club.


The Photography Club is headed by the student council member – President Photography. He and his team can be seen clicking pictures happily for all the events in the school.

Art, Craft & Sculpture

The school has a specially designed curriculum that helps children discover their intrinsic skills in this field. The school believes that this is a medium to connect with the almighty and to discover their inner voice. We also provide exposure to all kinds of art viz. Indian art, Sculpture & Western art .

Seminar Room

An air conditioned seminar room with a seating capacity of around 150 provides the right ambience for workshops, seminars and other research oriented activities.

Auditorium cum Multi-purpose Hall

It serves a dual purpose and is used for various functions and indoor games. Assemblies, ceremonies and other special events are also conducted here.


The school grounds have an amphitheatre, which is used for outdoor plays and workshops.

Multi Media Club

The multimedia club is managed by the Computer Department for the students of Classes VI – VIII. The purpose of this club is to acquaint the students with the latest technological developments in photoshop, animation, web designing etc and to help students make responsible use of technology.

Music Rooms

There are separate music rooms where both Indian and Western music are taught by experienced and qualified faculty. Guitar, drums and tabla are the most popular among students. Various expert instrumentalists train children as per their interest and passion.


Two separate Libraries, Junior and Senior, with more than 17,000 books are the most happening places with audio visual equipment, storytelling sessions and enthralling book reviews. E-library facility is an integral part of our school Library.

Computer Facilities

Two well equipped computer labs- one in the Primary Block and one in the Senior Block with State-of-the-art computers and interactive software are available for children to enhance their learning of all subjects and also to learn the rudiments of computer science.

Medical Room

The school has a well furnished and hygienic medical room with two trained nurses who take care of children if they get hurt or fall sick.

Facilities for Children with Special Educational Needs

The school follows an Inclusive Education policy. Our special education cell is passionate about providing quality education to children with special abilities. The team consists of special educators and counsellors who work hand in hand. They identify and support children with learning or behavioral problems.

Non-fire Cooking

Non-fire cooking is the favourite activity for slightly older children, and a small kitchen is available for children to produce easy-to-make drinks and snacks. The focus is on healthy and tasty cooking, and also table manners and hygiene.

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