Launching into the Cosmos: Insights from the Astronomy Club Orientation

At Cambridge School Indirapuram, excitement filled the air as SPACE INDIA introduced students to the wonders of the universe during an engaging Astronomy Club orientation. Under the guidance of ISRO Registered Space Tutors, students witnessed the awe-inspiring spectacle of rocket launching demonstration. The orientation outlined various activities and briefing about the club’s offerings, setting the stage for an adventure-filled exploration of space.

Echoes of Heritage: The Delhi History Festival

The Delhi History Festival, inspired by the NEP 2020, recently brought together schools from across India to celebrate heritage and culture. Hosted by K R Mangalam World School, New Delhi, the event showcased students’ talents and research on iconic monuments like Akshardham Temple, Jantar Mantar, and Humayun’s Tomb. Among the highlights was Cambridge School Indirapuram’s captivating performances, including dance-drama, shadow puppetry, and street plays, shedding light on the rich history surrounding these monuments. Through these presentations, students delved into interdisciplinary learning, integrating subjects like science, technology, mathematics, and architecture. The festival turned monuments into dynamic educational tools, sparking a passion for learning that transcends time and space.

Nurturing Wellness: Highlights from Primary Wing’s Health Week

At Cambridge School Indirapuram, wellness isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life. Enter the vibrant “Health Week,” an exhilarating journey aimed at nurturing young minds and bodies. Students from classes 3 to 5 dive into a whirlwind of activities, from yoga and dance to poster making and outdoor play. Amidst the excitement, they explore the art of making healthy beverages, discovering the transformative power of wholesome choices. Through mindfulness practices, they forge a deeper connection with themselves, emerging empowered and inspired.

Orientation Programme: Embracing New Beginnings

Cambridge School, Indirapuram, recently hosted a dynamic orientation programme, led by the Principal Ms. Hardeep Kaur and our esteemed faculty, laying the foundation for an exceptional academic voyage. Parents gained insights into our school’s rich culture, ethos, and vision, gaining invaluable insights into nurturing academic brilliance and fostering socio- emotional resilience. Parents expressed heartfelt gratitude for the warm reception and our steadfast dedication to fostering core values and holistic excellence.

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