Curriculum & Pedagogy

Curriculum and Pedagogy

Education encompasses various subjects that together form a rich tapestry of knowledge, skills, and viewpoints. Mathematics builds logical thinking, while science uncovers the precision of the natural world. History connects us to culture, and games and sports teach teamwork and resilience. Literature, art, and music nurture aesthetics and compassion. Psychology reveals human nature, and professional courses in higher classes bring us face to face with the complexities of the world, with multiple objectives and competing criteria that demand creative and critical thinking.
And yes, there are exams that allow for opportunities for showcasing originality and thought!
The school, affiliated with the Central Board for Secondary Education, offers diverse subjects like Fashion Design, Legal Studies, and Entrepreneurship in Classes XI and XII. Industry experts are invited to enhance learning with real-world insights.

Curriculum and pedagogy play a crucial role in shaping the educational experience of students. It encompasses the methods, strategies, and approaches used by teachers to deliver the curriculum and facilitate meaningful learning. A well-designed pedagogical framework not only fosters students’ cognitive growth but also nurtures their social, emotional, and creative development. It enables the students to become well-rounded individuals prepared for a changing world.
Aligned with the 2023 National Education Policy, pedagogy followed at the school bridges tradition and innovation. It is inquiry based and collaborative, storytelling-based, reflective and integrative approach to foster holistic learning to empower future leaders.
The school’s approach values reflection and integration, recognizing learning as a part of life’s tapestry. This fosters holistic growth in intellect, character, and empathy.

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