Head Boy & Head Girl’s Welcome

We welcome you to the CSI family!

‘Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose’, is the ideal that continuously motivates the school to provide maximum possible exposure to the students. The involvement of students in all possible spheres is a rather very important goal of the school. The school is of the children, by the children, and for the children, and participation comes before competition for the school. The school implements the concept of holistic development, by ensuring perfect synchronisation of co-curricular activities and academics.

Our school council follows the ideology of the Brick Wall Theory, creating an analogy between a mechanical structure and the structure of the school council. Community service also plays a very instrumental role in the development of the student’s character and the school pays a lot of importance to it.

It is indeed an honour to be a part of Cambridge School Indirapuram. It has played the most instrumental role in our life for the last 15 years, and to serve the school as the Head Girl and Head Boy, is like the crowning accomplishment of this journey.

Children are the main essence of Cambridge School Indirapuram. They are given exposure for their holistic development. They are enlightened about ideas like accountability and transparency, things which the school totally believes in.

The right path may not be the easiest one, and the willingness to take up the challenge allows us to reach the finishing line with excellence and leave a trail on the unexplored path. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and serving the institution with pride and honour, is our mantra to scale new heights.

Over the years the School Council has been very active and we are forever, indebted to the school for providing us with such a structure that hones in children the ability to manage and organize.  The children of the School Council often say, ‘Our days may be longer but for sure they are better.’