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Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning Programme

SEEL (School-based Socio-Emotional and Empowerment Learning) is dedicated to cultivating essential socio-emotional skills within a supportive educational setting. This program empowers youth to take charge of their lives through hands-on learning, self-reflection, skill reinforcement, peer-led education, and practical life applications. In collaboration with esteemed organizations like Expressions India, Max, Fortis Hospital, and experts, SEEL workshops utilize various teaching methods, including discussions, role-plays, creative arts, and problem-solving tools.

Mini Khets/Sow Good Farms: Cultivating Environmental Consciousness through Farming & Composting

The Sow Good programme combines farming and composting to offer an engaging educational experience to the children. It fosters environmental awareness, introduces organic food cultivation, and encourages healthy eating habits. These open-air classrooms unite teachers and students, nurturing a nature-conscious generation while imparting life skills such as teamwork and empathy. It educates children on chemical-free food production, composting, and eco-friendly practices, seamlessly aligning with the school curriculum.

Financial Literacy Programme

Cambridge School is dedicated to nurturing financially secure and economically strong citizens by introducing the Money Smart School Programme in partnership with the National Centre for Financial Education (NCFE). This comprehensive financial literacy programme, tailored for students of grades VI to X, integrates seamlessly with the existing curriculum, bridging the gap between education and practical financial knowledge. Developed collaboratively by NCFE and CBSE, it comprises a set of five Financial Education Workbooks, empowering students to enhance their financial literacy and take control of their financial future.

Theatre in Education

CSI employs Theatre in Education, fostering an interactive and collaborative learning environment. This innovative approach encourages students to create curriculum-related plays or skits, enhancing comprehension and fostering creativity through active participation. It also encourages interdisciplinary exploration and a more human perspective on subjects, integrated seamlessly across all areas.

Literacy and Numeracy

Literacy and numeracy skills form the cornerstone of the curriculum at CSI across all levels. CSI is committed to enhancing these essential skills through a structured reading program for both students and teachers. The school encourages a “DEAR” (Drop Everything and Read) initiative, fostering a reading culture among children. Additionally, our dedicated educators engage in the ongoing Teacher Reading Program to continuously enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Enrichment Programmes

The school is dedicated to nurturing the talents of gifted children, providing them with opportunities to excel. Identified students undergo specialized training for various competitions such as the SOF Olympiads, and the ASSET exam. Alongside academic enrichment, the school lays a strong commitment to value education that/ which is evident through thematic assemblies, where students engage in activities encompassing writing, singing, speaking, and enacting virtues on a weekly basis.

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