Tests & Exams

Schedule for

Class XII

Unit Test, 2016-17

SubjectDate, Day
English02/08/16, Tuesday
Chemistry / Accountancy / Political Science03/08/16, Wednesday
Biology / Economics / Geography / Computer Science / Sociology04/08/16, Thursday
Mathematics / Informatics Practices / Psychology05/08/16, Friday
Physics / Business Studies / History06/08/16, Saturday

First Term : Theory, 2016-17

SubjectDate, Day
Biology / Computer Science / Economics / Geography / Sociology15/09/16, Thursday
Physics / Business Studies / History17/09/16, Saturday
English19/09/16, Monday
Mathematics / Informatics Practices / Psychology21/09/16, Wednesday
Chemistry / Accountancy / Political Science23/09/16, Friday

First Term : Practical, 2016-17

SubjectDate, Day
Biology - XII B06/09/16, Tuesday
Geography - XII D06/09/16, Tuesday
Sociology - XII D06/09/16, Tuesday
Computer Science - XII A (Roll No. 01 to 18)06/09/16, Tuesday
Psychology - XII B & XII C07/09/16, Wednesday
Computer Science - XII A (Roll No. 19 to 36)07/09/16, Wednesday
Informatics Practices - XII C & XII D07/09/16, Wednesday
Physics XII B08/09/16, Thursday
Chemistry XII A08/09/16, Thursday
Psychology XII D09/09/16, Friday
Physics XII A09/09/16, Friday
Chemistry XII B09/09/16, Friday

Important Date

October, 2016
  • 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Report Card Day

Test and exam results will be declared on this day.


The school believes that while academic performance is important it cannot be at the cost of the health of its students. Children who are sick must not come to school, for their own sake, and for the sake of their class mates. If a test is missed on account of such absence, parents should accept it as such and not insist on a retest or try to send a sick child to school. While the child will be marked absent in the report card, there are no long term repercussions to such absence.

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